About Our Idea


Julie and Angel countries

We are parents – just like you.

Julie lives in Amsterdam and Angel in Bulgaria. We are connected beyond the friendship of our families and children.

We’re raising young families in cities. We’ve moved between cities. And we travel with kids.

We know city living with kids is not easy and can be stressful, yet we love what cities have to offer.

There’s so much great stuff for kids & families, but information about it is scattered all over the web and it is quite hard to make decisions.

Over a coffee 2 years ago we concluded that  in the 21st century there must be a better way to navigate the urban jungle with kids and have fun as you go about it. That’s why we built UrbanMama –  a tool we believe any active urban parent needs.

Getting to where we are has not been easy. We have recruited a number of friends to help us with design, server hosting and many other aspects of the development. We invested some of our own money. We have learned at every twist and turn.

We are currently looking for financing as we have a lot of great ideas how to make UrbanMama even more useful for urban parents. We are also looking for an Android developer. Let us know if you know somebody.


We really hope you enjoy it. We’re only in Amsterdam now, but we hope to bring other cities online, too. Then we can feel like a local in the places we visit.