What is UrbanMama?

IMG_2204[1]Want to discover great places in the city for families?

Need something to do with your children on a rainy day?

Or you are out and about and you urgently 🙂 need a playground or a restaurant to avoid a melt down?

Do you, like us, feel that information is overwhelming and scattered?

UrbanMama is a service that will save you time – and decrease the stress of urban living – by helping you easily find the best places & events for your family.

Useful, fresh and relevant info has been carefully selected for your city. We won’t waste your time with anything and everything; we choose the places and events that we think are worth recommending.

The map includes places (like playgrounds, museums & restaurants) and events (like children’s theater, workshops & outdoor activities).

Entries are tagged and rated, so you can find options that work for you.

Users can rate/review entries & add their own recommendations to the map.

Make decisions quickly & confidently so you can get more out of family time!

Want to know more about us and our idea? Read more here.